Friday, January 8, 2010

You Name it : LAZINESS

Helloooooo Bloggerworld. It's Been long long time ago since i posted things! hahaha... like the title You Name it : Laziness. Yeah i'm lazy so lazy updating my blog!

But Before i talk about my Laziness and Life's Update i wanna say you first


Oh great... Happy New Year Greeting after 9 days! you really could call me Super lazy girl then hahaha

and now Life's Update

  1. Still too lazy finishing my thesis. So here it is... i'm still college girl with too many unordinary dreams :)
  2. I'm now in my final exam's week. Last Final exams for my college years. Yayness to max!!!
  3. Since my sister now living in Malang with her 2 bestfriends (so they're now my roomies) i have some partner in crimes, yes crimes with (s). NX Pump-ing, Froyo-ing, Karaoke-ing, Shopping (yay), DVD-ing, and foolishing becomes more and more fierce!!!
  4. Have i told you that i had Hamster Pet? Not yet? Now you know!
  5. I'm terribly in love with Owl City and their Vanilla Twilight. Even Replacing Lenka and her We will not Grow old
  6. I'm doing my part time job (again) but it's just impounding my free time for couples hour, so i still have too much time for laziness haha
  7. And last, i won't write self defends why i wasn't updating my blog for about 3 months, yeah i'm active at Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Polyvore, and Looklet but updating blog is just the same with that SN activities right? And it's not about ideas too. I have so many, even too many ideas popping out of my mind till it's going to blast. But the main Reason is : LAZINESS. Right people, Laziness conquers Everythings!
It's now on my 2010 resolution. One of about 30 thingy things "Updating My Blog at Least 4 times a months"

I'll see ya soon, mates!


zput said...

book review please (bow)

Anonymous said...

Nindy Hardjadinata said...

Laziness is a common thing to happen in someone lately mbak ;]

Akhir2 ini malah nggak bisa ngeblog gara2 ga ada topik yg mau ditulis :[

Masa mau nulis ttg tugas2 kuliah? Mengingat itu yg sekitar sebulan terakhir menghiasi hidupku haha

Wow your life updates are kinda cool!!! Eh part time di mana mbak anyway? Part time atau magang ?

Anonymous said...

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