Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Homework From Neno

Ok, I've tagged by Neno few weeks ago. I'm so sorry karena akir2 ini suka sok sibuk jadi baru dikerjain sekarang hehehe... Ini tag dari sarah Thx u both

#1 This is the award

And Here are the rules:
1. Put this award on your blog(s).
2. Put your very or the most aib (silly, shame, weird, whatever!) photo with no editing of course.
3. Give this award to people you know (at least 2).

Here is the photo.. *be ready!!!*

Why did I choose this photo : it was 2 in the afternoon, waiting our class at 4. we chat, gossiping, insulting, my friends did this candid foto with my Laptop, then they showed me this photo. its natural (but ugly) without lipbalm, powder, or even sweet pose. it was embarrassing me because they uploaded this photo to our class friendster (but it has been deleted)MySpace

I think aib is : something that mustn't show to other people

The most aib person : Saiful Jamil, Dewi Persik, Aldiansyah Taher, Rahma Azari, Sarah Azhari, Julia Perez MySpace

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Anonymous said...

ehehe alami banget! daftar orang orang aibnya lumayan juga. hehe. :D

congrats on the HW!