Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Day (or maybe should i call it mayday)

I was expelled by my lecture from my civil services class with other 20 peoples because i didn't brought my civil services book. it was disappointed me so much because last week i didn't attended that class. And as my friends told me before, there were no assignment or announcement that told us to bring The "Administrasi Kepegawaian Sipil" book for today's lesson. MySpace
My lecture asked us "which person in this class whom left her/his book at home?" after that almost 25 people raised their hand, whereas my civil society class only has 40-43 members. it means almost half whom not bring that book. But that shit lecture not give her sorry to us and expelled all people whom not bring the book.MySpace
Oh Shit, it affected my presence! Brawijaya University only give 3 times tolerance to absent. And i've already use it 2 times for my civil society class.
Oh Gosh. How i hate that lecture so much!! She always makes our class boring, talking about MLM is her weekly hobby, always talk about something that not related to our lessons. I wish, when the time comes for me to doing my thesis she wont be my tutor. If it happens, oh no.......... i cant imagine what will happen next.
After went out from my class, me, alvi, annisa, ony, and also Andyan are trying to finish our On The Job Training Proposal. We would go to Tax Office in Merdeka Street for our OJT next. Yeah, my journey for finishing my college education has began.MySpace OJT, OJT report, Final Exam, Thesis, finally facing the "real world"
Just wish me luck for you all MySpace

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untung ga disuruh push up 100 kali...