Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Curently Listening

Finally.. Finally... setelah sekian lama Playlist saya isinya lagu itu itu melulu Taylor Swift-Lady Gaga-Lenka-Vierra-Sherina sekarang Playlist saya ketambahan 1 album favorit saya. Jeng jeeeeennggggg......

Meet my new baby Robin Thicke

cute? yes he is!!!! he also has super nice voice and the song... i just can't love it, i adore it!!!!

Watch the video here

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sweet Gift

Found some wrapped thing in my study desk when i came home this noon
aw, that's from Stephie that's her new book Thalita inside the wrap

And looovveeee this kiss dear :)

Thanx sooo much. tons of thanks... kiss kiss

Monday, October 5, 2009

Someone left this message to my Shoutbox

Dear, do you really think that Naga's Blog is in PINK?? And don't u see my super big header with my photo smiling there??
Plis, next time do some research before u writing some message EVERYWHERE, not only in my blog.
Ok, if u really wanna know his Phone Number, meet him at twitter Here just send him a tweet and.... GOODLUCK!

Seriously, I'm NOT angry! Just wondering HOW COME??! I've put my full identity and my big photo! is it still obsecure?? tell me then if yes!