Monday, November 10, 2008

Pe-er dari helena

Hey,I just got a new homework from dewi zhuo
so,I'll do it.
here we go,guys!

Six Random Things About Me:
1. I always love being together with my family and friends
2. I'm still feel so sad cause my rabbit passed away
3.I hate people who talk behind my back. the first rule for me.
4. I'm a Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Lovers
5. I like every kind of music
6. I Love someone since in 1st grade Senior high School till now

Six Random Things I Like:
1.I like Reading any kinds of book. i have 3 big cupboard at my room that contain my books
2. my laptop for playing the sims2 and other game from game house
3. my n73. my biggest friend
4. being acceptable.
5. having some rest on weekend
6. cemos, my doll. i own it since 20 years ago

Six Random Things I Don't Like:
1. being underestimate
2. low/bad score. just make my dad dissapointed
3. bullying. i hate it!!!!
4. smoke. all kind of smoke
5. roaches, snake, and rat
6. no money

6 Quirky Things About Me:
1.I'm not slim enough.
2.I don't like if people ask about my love life
3.when people are tryin to use skinny jeans, I stay with my old fashion- style.
4.I'm bad at math
5. i'm very principle
6. i'm so not fashionable,

6 Things That Make Me Happy: friends family
3.can earn my own money laptop
5.having everlasting love with DDP
6.slim body.

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Ajeng said...

Halo...mampir nih...
Nama kita sama lho... Ternyata ajeng nama pasaran yah :D