Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Journey to The Past

Haha... Last night i met my ex boyfriend. He was my BF about 2 years ago, when i was a new university student.
He is studying in Australia now. He just came home for his Brother Wedding next Saturday.
I didn't know if he would come to my house. I was attending my Economics and Political Development till about 6 o'clock in the afternoon. His car has already in front my house when I arrived.
Wow, What a Surprise!! Last time we had a phone call he told me that he wouldn't come for that wedding because he has so many assignment that have to be done before March 28th. But yeah, he lied me. He just came by to see that party.
I was yelled when i saw him. yeah, Yelled. then i just hug him and pated his head. hahaha... you know, its very nice to saw him again.
What did we talk? hahaha... mostly we talked about his college. His trip to new zealand last month, about Opera House, Koala, and all about Aussie.
He told me that Canberra is the most Quiet Capital City in the world. Mall closed at 6 o'clock. no club, very rare prostitution there. Malang are more crowded and busy than Canberra in general. He also told me that Kiwi in New Zealand is very cheap. Last time I bougt a Kiwi, its IDR 9000 in Hypermart. In new Zealand we got many kiwi with that money.
most thing that he miss when he stay there for last 6 months is, he really miss adzan in the afternoon. He said that he only can heard the Adzan in his Mac Book. it caused he cant heard Adzan there.
He also told about his Room Mate, the one who thinks that a day without sex or kissing a girl is a hell day! it really disturb. So that he wants to move out next month. I just hope that he wont ever contaminated by his roommate.
I'm really really happy seeing him again. He is really my Best friend after we Broke up. Thank to 3 (three) who has cheap bills to made a call to Aussie. So that i still can talk to him when i have a problem.

Talking about Ex, I have 2 which taking college abroad. This One, taking master in Aussie, and the Others is in UK for Bachelor Degree. Ho, i really want to go there like them. Aussie, UK, Germany, or Maybe Italy. Now just Pray that My Beloved GOD give me that big Luck so that i can go abroad for my master. Amin....


Anonymous said...

owalaaahhh itu too yang dimaksud seseorang iank br blik dr aussie..
hwiiii enaknyaaa
dy bhs inggrisnya gmn mbk??
aksen australianya psti uda kentel

Ajeng Sueztika Constitusia said...

ngga dek, dia Inggris-nya masih terkontaminasi Bhs Jawa nya yang medok itu hahaha...
Kalo menurutku dia Inggrisnya malah aksen UK, ngmg R ga bgt fasih. Jude Law gt deh ngmgnya