Thursday, July 16, 2009

Review Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

This contain Spoiler article. If u want to watch first before know the ending just close this artcle

Voldemort menguasai dunia Muggle dan penyihir, Hogwarts tak lagi aman. Harry menduga bahaya juga mengancam puri, namun Dumbledore lebih intens mempersiapkan dirinya untuk pertempuran terakhir yang segera tiba. Bersama-sama mereka mencari cara untuk meruntuhkan pertahanan Voldemort, dan untuk hal ini, Dumbledore merekrut teman lamanya Professor Horace Slughorn, yang ia yakini mengetahui banyak informasi penting

Sementara itu, Harry tertarik pada Ginny, begitu juga dengan Dean Thomas. Lavender Brown memutuskan Ron menjadi kekasihnya. Hermione, penuh dengan rasa cemburu namun tidak dapat menentukan isi hatinya. Saat romantisme merebak, salah satu murid memilih tetap sendiri. Ia memilih jalan hitam. Meski banyak cinta namun tragedi di depan mata dan Hogwarts tak akan sama
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Been watching this movie last night. I think this movie is the best. Much much better than 5th movie but still can't beat The 3rd. I love the Drama, i also love the action scene.

Things I love From this Movie
- I love Fred and George store. It's so bright and Fun instead the shops arround closed and gloomy aura in Diagon Alley. The art team did Brilliant. They illustrate the shop very well! But i can't find u-no-poo sign, i think it should be there.
- Finally we all can see Quiditch game after it dissapear in 2 series. I always love Quiditch. Still can't imagine how they make the quiditch game with all players fly and catching the quaffle.
-I love Young Tom Riddle's cool face. It describe what i am imagine about how tom riddle should look. And when he talk to slughorn i thought that is the best way to Describe how Tom Riddle unsure, flirt slughorn to tell about hocrux and doubt expresion in his face. That's How Tom Riddle should be! Better than Tom Riddle in 2nd series!
-I always love the scene where Ron Weasley come up. Ron's silly face after drinking potion charm, or Ron's satisfied face after drink pumpkin juice which he thought liquid luck been added by harry, or when he's unsure about Hermoine's Feel. But why he called Lavender, Lav. uuugghh,,, it's sooo not ron! But However, it's not just Harry who playing to be a hero. Ron Does. I love that credit that ron's got!
-I love harry and Ginny's romantic time. Intimacy not always shown with hot and passionate kiss, it's can showed by eye sight.
-Draco's expression. it's so real and suitable. I love his evil side. Not only bullying, now he turns to be real evil draco.
-I love how harry flirt Slughorn to get the memory. It's smooth but tricky. And Slughorn's reaction also satisfy me.

Things I hate From this Movie
-Almost nothing, i just hate the ending. No Dumbledore's Funeral though i think it'll be much much better if there's a Funeral. Will be more touching and gloomy. If there's no War beetwen Death eaters and Dumbledore Army i think it's still ok because we can't see all the DA guarding Hogwarts. This movie have dark aura not caused by war but caused by sadness. But i love most of the scene.
-Dumbledore'e expression before he died. He shouldn't say please. it'll show that he had already plan his murder
-Hermione's expression after saw Ron and Lavender. Hey, Hermione is tough and strong girl rite. Does broken heart bite her so bad till she turn so weak and tearful?
-The Burrow's Burn. No story how after it burn. It's being repaires or Weasley's move to another place.

But i think hate things is just small bite. At least i love this movie very very much. Fell satisfied after been waiting for so long time. And i'll watch it again. Maybe one or two more time.


Stephanie Zen said...

ya ampun jeng, young tom riddle-nya cocok BANGET ya! apalagi yg waktu dia ngebujuk slughorn ttg horcrux, waaah soooo tom riddle deh!
terus yg waktu the burrow kebakar, itu beneran ada nggak sih di bukunya? aku lupa-lupa ingat hehe.. kayaknya ga ada ya?

Ajeng Sueztika Constitusia said...

iya steph, mirip ya sm voldy tua. ponakannya sih yg jadi. hehehe
Nggak ada itu steph di buku, pas d the burrow ya ga ada gitu2 aman2 aja

Fenty Fahmi said...

Udah yakin berbeda, makanya aku nikmatin aja, daripada kita nelangsa sendiri mikirin eh seharusnya begini, eh seharusnya begitu, ya kita cuma bisa komentar, lagian kalo hermione diceritakan kuat di situ, penonton gak bakalan mudeng, hahahaha *masih ada bo temenku yang ngarepin, kenapa sih hermione gak sama harry aja???* booo ... don't you read the noveeell ?? hahahahaha, bikin gregetan orang2 itu :p