Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Going Abroad

a few days ago, a friend called me when i was attending my TOEFL class. he asked me "do you have some free time today? If yes, i want to come to your house. I want to discuss about a huge thing with u" then i said yes with lil' whirl feeling.
Then he told me that his father offered him to take his master abroad. His Father let him choose whether in Australia, Singapore, London, or Japan. His father let him choose but his father obligate him going abroad for school.
i shouted him "Hey, Man.. u are so damn lucky! so, which country will you choose? I think London will be Great. because if you graduated from Europe University, many companies will look at you."
But, my friend made me so upset with what he said. He told me that he was very confused with it. He doesn't want to go abroad for master school. He wants to stay in Indonesia because he doesnt want to leave his girlfriend here.
It made me so disappointed at him. I just looked at oh-my-gosh-you-are-the-pitiest-person-in-the-world!! why? because i thought his reason to not imitate his father wants is so superficial, it is so foolish
I was feeling so jealous when i heard that story. I really want to go abroad for taking my master. But I have to try by my self. because my Parents are not that rich so they can pay my master abroad. I gotta strive for scholarship if i want to go abroad. I still have 2 little sister. My parents will pay my master if i takes it in Indonesia. If abroad, no way!
If i were him, i would be very happy. I'll take that chance directly. without thinking about many things, or even thinking about love. Oh my gosh.. its very huge things.
Yeah.. there are many people whom not realize that they are very lucky. many people maybe really expect that chance, but my friend want to release that chance because of a thing that i though it is very trivial. Oh, come on... he is a man! why does he become so sentimental! it is just a girl that even have not become his wife. If his girlfriend love him seriously then she would be waiting for him, right??
I don't know why, i was so upset at him. he is my best friend, I never thought he would be thinking so shallow. Yeah.. i have already told him about my opinion. i just hope that he can think for the best before he decide to release that chance.


Anonymous said...

ajeng,if I were you, I would soooo disappointed with him too, doesn't he let his girlfriend?ow..menyebalkan sekali..hehehehe

Anonymous said...

it's already weird that he told you in the first place. I mean, if he's a man, he wouldn't act that way. well, maybe I can accept his reason, but it's just that he's a man. so I guess it's too bad for him. :)