Friday, February 20, 2009

Pe-er Mikir. hehe...

I've tagged by Sarahsita , thx honey bunny switi even this homework is so confusing me and also difficult but i'll do it.

Here are the rules..

1. To each letter of an alphabet, write a word connected to you.
2. Tag 6 (six) people.

ok, let's start!!

Ajeng Sueztika Constitusia is my full name. but sadly, many peoples cant say it well

Book is my favourite thing. cant imagine my weekend without reading. but strangely i always feel "oh gosh! i am soooooooo lazy reads my

Crispy strips from Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) are my favorite junk food.

Dad is my most fave person in this world. i love him soooo... always wanna make him proud of me... miss u dad...lje

Elke is my bestie name. she's lil' crazy, ambisious, but also very patient girl. i love elke. i dont know what kind of world i have without her

Frestea Jasmine is my must-thing-to-buy everyday.

Google is the website that i visits everyday

Harry Potter series, Twilight Saga, and Also Laskar pelangi series are my fave novel

I miss my rabbit cimot. he died 4 months ago. his pic is in my blog's header. when i see that pic, my eyes is going to be glassy. i love cimot so...

Jakarta is the most crowded city ever, i think. so that i dont wanna get job there. I love Jakarta, but just for holiday or shopping

Kamarku (my room) is my fave place at my home. but i have to move upstairs after this. though my room upstair is bigger but i prefer this room. hiks... so sad..

Love my last priority for now. OJT (on the job training), skripsi, and IELTS is my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd priority. at least for this moment

Mmmm... i hate smoke, any kinds of smoke. esp cigs smoke. hueks...

Nobody can judge me. Only God can. So, if anybody wants to judge me, I’ll keep walk away and don’t mind what they say to me.

Only god knows why i cant wake up early in the morning. its always 5.30 . actually i really want to wake up at 4.30 so i can do my subuh pray on time but i cant. dont know why

Paris is my second fave city, The First is Roma

Qi Gong is some kind of exercise that i've read at Shopaholic Series books and i dont really understand what kind of exercise is that

Rabbit is my fave pet. i have a rabbit name cilik. i love him so...

Stilleto are kind of shoes that i'll never use if i go to campus. flat shoes and sneakers preferable

Titanic is my fave movie ever

Uuuhhhh-eeeerrrr is my fave words to say when i'm feeling cofuse :)

Voila... i have no idea what kind of sentece i can write down with this V letter

Winter is my fave season even if wont ever happens in Indo. So then i really wanna apply for a scholarship in Europe or US so that i can see Snow!!

Xxx words makes me remember of porn things

Yakult is my dad fave drink. he always buy it every day and put it into freezer. but when i go home for holiday, he will buy it only one for each day because if i find his yakult on the freezer, i'll take and drink it. hahah....

Zuestika is wrong speelling of my midle name. but my friend usually write zuestika when she/he make a cover for our assignment. is annoying sometimes. hehe...

Now i'll tag this to 6 peoples. they are imaniar, alia, anas, putry, rizkania, ika gema


mommy adit said...

nita klo dikasih pr itu males aaaaah....

Anonymous said...

harus bahasa inggris kah mbak? Aku mo kerjain klo pke bindo aja.. hahaha

Sarahsita said...

sorry jeng br dateng, kmrn2 lg anti-buka blog, hihi..
Jakarta is the most crowded city ever, i think. so that i dont wanna get job there. -> ABIIS!!!
Book is my favourite thing. -> SAME HERE, hahaha.. i'll die if books extinct. ='(

well, good job! (seru kan pas ngerjain? hahaha!)

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!